What I am focused on for Q3'21 and more importantly why

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As we head into July and the coming holiday (for those of us in the US), a new quarter represents a new opportunity to reflect on what we achieved in the first half of 2021 and set our goals for the second half. I choose to break these into 3 month chunks to create simple, actionable, and achievable targets for myself that keep me moving forward towards my longer term goals. …

How to be more human in sales.

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The robots have won. I am not talking about the singularity or the AI overlords rising to prominence and using us as their energy source. I am talking about the sad reality of sales today, we’ve programmed and standardized the human out of the deal, out of ourselves. This is not a screed against technology, if used properly technology can enhance the human element of sales. …

How a simple counter-intuitive approach will make you a stronger, more effectual leader.

Leadership takes many forms, but these forms can be broken down into two categories: Leaders and Commanders.

All in leadership positions must decide which form of leader they will be.

As a Leader, you must know the difference between leading and commanding. Leaders own results, commanders own tactics. Leaders understand that it is their Team’s success that measures their success, and it is their failures that determine their Team’s failures. Commanders invert this, seeing their success as the driver of their team, and blaming their failures on the inabilities of their Team.


Commanding that someone does something is a weak form of management and leadership. It shows a profound lack of trust, an…

Aaron Dorondo

Hi, I’m Aaron. I am a writer (about life, business, and fiction), leader (sales, business, coaching, mentoring), and thinker(amateur philosopher, very amateur).

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